Flashbacks to High School: Oh, the Lord of the Rings

Warning: There is some serious stream-of-consciousness rambling ahead. It’s random and not particularly well-written, but it was fun to write! If you don’t have the patience for mindless, aimless drivel, please skip this.

It is almost ridiculous how much I love The Lord of the Rings. I love the books; I love the movies; I love the books about the movies. My fabulous roommate Karrah is back (she was on a trip for the past week), and she and her boyfriend decided to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. And, of course, if you’re going to watch LotR, you’ve got to do it properly, so I volunteered the movie (for three years, my most beloved Christmas presents from my parents were the extended editions). And I couldn’t very well pass up an opportunity to watch LotR, especially not when Karrah was watching it (given that Karrah and I have numerous memories of LotR-related shenanigans from when they came out in theatre).

The characters — the actors — feel like old friends. Each rich, beautifully crafted scene is familiar; I still remember the lines, the music, the costumes, the scenery. It just makes me so utterly smiley.

We had a countdown in high school;  for a week or so, before the last movie came out, a couple of friends and I would post things on each other’s walls. I did slashy quotes (passages with homoerotic subtext) from the books — and, oh, man, did Tolkien make it easy for me. Frodo/Sam in particular (Rosie was a plot device), but there was a wealth of other pairings as well. Karrah made collages. Our other friend, Anna, rewrote Christmas songs with clever, slashy LotR lyrics. It was brilliant. We watched the movies in theatre so many times.

A collection of random thoughts as I re-watch The Lord of the Rings — Elijah Wood’s eyes are really blue. Billy Boyd’s Pippin is just so dang adorable! I had forgotten how really, really attractive Viggo Mortenson is as Aragorn. And that part where he jumps in front of Frodo and save him from the Nazgul with the torch of fire? Epic. Man, I love him. Elvish sounds so cool — I was totally right when I counseled a friend on Facebook today to learn Elvish, not that upstart Avatar language. Liv Tyler has such incredible skin (I mean, yeah, movie and makeup and such, but it’s so flawless!). And it’d be awesome to be able to ride like Arwen when the Ring Wraiths are after him (and I just remembered a dream I had like night — I was horseback riding, and I was galloping, and I was totally in control, and it was so cool). And the Gandalf-jumping-off-the-tower-onto-an-eagle is epic. New Zealand is still gorgeous, and I still want to go there someday.

Elrond has knots in his hair. And they’re pretty. Legolas is pretty, too. And so impulsive — he’s over a thousand years old, you’d think that he’d learn to think before he spoke (and not be told to sit down by Aragorn like a small child). Legolas is Mr. Stater-of-the-Obvious (“The ring must be destroyed!” “There’s a fell voice upon the air.” “Goblins.”). And “Anyway, you need people of intelligence for this sort of mission . . . quest  . . . thing.” “Well, that rules you out, Pip.” — Love it! And the Aragorn/Legolas undertones. Love those, too.

Jonathan just called Gandalf “the Merlin-looking dude.” Sigh. I can’t believe I’m watching LotR with someone who doesn’t even know who Gandalf is. Frodo has a shiny, pretty jewelry shirt (aka mithril armour). I cried the first time I saw LotR in theatre when Gandalf fell in Moria, and that scene afterward where everyone’s crying, and the music is so beautiful and sad. And Legolas looks all lost because he’s an elf, and elves don’t usually die.

I love watching Aragorn/Viggo speak in Elvish. Cate Blanchett has such an ethereal beauty. And her voiceover in the beginning is awesome. And her eyes sparkle (they did that with Christmas lights!). I want lembas. And a pretty green leaf cloak pin. Gimli sounds like a stalker — if I were all like “Hey, beautiful person, can I have a few strands of your hair?” it would be creepy.

Aragorn is so noble. The whole “I would have gone with you to the end, to the very fires of Mordor” — awesome. Love him. Way to show your quality, the very highest. And playing baseball with the uruk-hai’s sword? Kinda awesome. And way to rise to the occasion during Boromir’s death scene. “Our people,” aww. And again with the elf looking lost. “I would have called you my brother, my captain, my king”– a bit late, but I suppose better late than never — I think I like Boromir best then out of the movies. He’s not my favorite character.

“I’m going to Mordor alone.” “Of course, you are, and I’m coming with you!” “You can’t swim!” — I love the relationship between Frodo and Sam: I think they’re adorable. Frodo’s so gosh-darn pretty! “Sam, I’m glad you’re with me.” Excellent last line. And I love “May It Be.”

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