Freshly Shortened Hair

Haircut 9/10/10 - 1 Haircut 9/9/10 - 4

I just got my first haircut in Chicago! New haircuts always put me in a good mood. I get so frustrated with my hair as it grows out and gets shapeless (by which I mean, I begin to look like a chia pet), so having it nice and short again just makes me smile. A lot.

I went to the Aveda Institute Chicago yesterday, and it was really great! The guy cutting my hair was really nice, and he had a lot of ideas, which is great because I don’t usually have much more to say than “I like it short.” Other then that, I’m not too picky. I figure, I’ve had a longer style, a buzz cut, a bunch of faux-hawks, a spiky look, and a mohawk (mostly) in the past 18 months. If I don’t like it, I can buzz it again. So, I might as well make up for years and years of the same style by changing it up a bit when my hair stylist has ideas.

Haircut 9/10/10 - 3 Haircut 9/10/10 - 2

End result? Nice, new haircut for only $14. Awesome. The place I went in Bryn Mawr was twice that, even if I went when they had their student discounts. The only thing about which I’m slightly dissatisfied is that it’s even clearer now that my hair is two colors. That would be the result of getting bored with the Karrah, the first Sunday I got to Chicago, and dying my hair (it ended up this reddish-light brownish color that was not fun), and then using some of LUSH’s Caca Noir henna in hopes of dying it back to black in a natural way. It didn’t work, but I’d like to think that it darkened it a bit. Still, I’m optimistic that it’ll be back to the color it should be soon enough, and now I know that my hair should really only be black (sad face over old wishes to one day have blue hair).

It wasn’t even too much of a hassle getting there. I took the long way home — by which I mean, I took the train into the Loop so that I could go to the library and pick up more books — but I’ve discovered that I can read on the train, so it was all good. Have I mentioned how much I really love the library?

All in all, it was a really good day.

3 responses to “Freshly Shortened Hair

  1. 🙂 I had a very similar experience in St. Louis–the trying to find a new hairdresser, not the color part. I went to Jude Plum in Bryn Mawr, but in STL, I heard that Paul Mitchell The School is great, and while it takes longer, it’s only $12 or $17 for a cut! Gotta love the midwest for this kinda stuff, huh? 🙂

    • I went to Bubble in Bryn Mawr (largely because they came to BMC last fall and gave out coupons and such), and I liked my haircuts, but the school/institute thing is so much better, price-wise. And I really like my cut, so it’s not as though I’m sacrificing quality for a lower price. I’m happy I found the Aveda Institute: it can be really frustrating trying to find a place that does hair well and doesn’t cost a fortune. I hope Paul Mitchell School (or wherever you end up choosing) works out for you!

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