I Want To Be A Mermaid!

My new goal in life is to be a mermaid.

No, seriously, it is. Just not in the usually understood meaning of the word “mermaid.” Last night, I went to the Transformative Justice Law Project‘s Name Change Mobilization Advocate Training. Basically, TJLP is having volunteer-run days in order to help transgender and gender non-conforming people legally change their names (because the paperwork and all is stressful. And the building is intimidating), and it was about teaching the volunteers what to do.

It was really exciting. There were all these people, and there were a bunch of really cool people involved with TJLP: collective members, volunteers, and mermaids. Mermaids, I tell you. That’s what they call their interns. And I want to be one so much!

It was so great! First of all, TJLP looks like a really excellent organization. I think they’re doing super important, awesome, really radical work. I originally found them online last spring, and I got super excited . . . until I realized that it didn’t look like there were ways to be involved other than giving donations or being a lawyer. And since I’m not going to be particularly helpful in terms of donations (plus, I’d hoped for a more active form of participation), and I don’t yet have a J.D., it didn’t look like there was anything I could do. But apparently there is!

Then I went to the deal last night, and the energy, passion, and dedication that of the people involved with TJLP had was really incredible. And they just seemed like really cool people. The combination of everything, and the overall vibe I got, just made me feel like this could really become a part of my life. (And, honestly, any organization that makes sure to be accessible and have dairy-free and wheat-free snack options is pretty cool.)

So, there you have it. I want to be a mermaid, and I’m sending in my application/”love letter to TJLP” (their term — I think it’s adorable and one more reason why I think they’re fabulous) tonight.

5 responses to “I Want To Be A Mermaid!

  1. Yay! I hope it works out for you, that sounds like exciting and important work. A friend of mine just had the final official sex change on her id a couple months ago and it has been very freeing as far as dealing with the public and going out to bars, etc.

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