Daily Archives: 11:07 PM, September 19, 2010

This Whole Vegan Thing

I’m really trying to eat a more vegan-influenced diet. Or rather, I’m trying to cook in a more vegan-influenced way, since it hasn’t really affected how I eat outside of the apartment (not that I’ve done a terrible lot of that). I think the hardest things to avoid are cheese and ice cream (and, to a lesser extent, butter). And sugar and such things — I haven’t bothered figuring out whether such things are okay, given that I’m still eating meat when I’m at restaurants.

I sort of wonder where this is going. I’m not really doing it for animals rights issues (otherwise, I would have be avoiding meat full-stop), although I recognize that there are plenty of those. I suppose part of it is almost because it’s a challenge, to see if I can. A little of it is for health reasons. Also partially because I’m still job-searching, and meat is expensive, as are eggs and dairy products.

Largely, I think the reason why I’m at least trying it out is that I think eating lower on the food chain is better for the environment. Continue reading