An End to Bullying

Oh, for the love of Athena, people! I keep seeing stories about kids committing suicide because people bullied them about being — or appearing to be — gay. This week alone, I’ve read about three teens who have died due to bullying: Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, and Tyler Clementi. Billy Lucas also died this month. It breaks my heart that these kids saw no option other than killing themselves.

How many people must commit suicide — how many people must die — before we finally take a stand and say that this is enough? How many people must die before people realize that we all deserve to be safe from bullying and violence, regardless of our gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability, athletic preferences, class, clothing choices?

It’s reported that people knew Billy, Asher, and Seth were being bullied, and no one did anything. The schools didn’t do anything. No one stopped the bullies. No one stopped them. What is wrong with people?

How is it that society allows this? How can this be?

I know I’m not being articulate, and for that, I apologize. But this — such senseless cruelty and loss of life — tears at my heart in a way that I lose my ability to analyze, my ability to reason and think critically.

This is not acceptable. Something must be done. We have lost too many people to bullying, and it needs to stop.

2 responses to “An End to Bullying

  1. There is no excuse, there is no excuse. Bullying in all forms is abuse. You might recall that Chris experienced this a great deal in his life. I wish I had known just how awful it was – and know that he will continue to experience it during this lifetime because he is different, because he makes others uncomfortable. Your words are true and I am so very proud of you. Your Mom

  2. Fortunately, there’s anti-bullying legislation going through Congress right now. Unfortunately, there are jerks trying to block it because it includes protections for kids being bullied because they are or are perceived to be gay. They’re calling it part of an effort to ‘promote a homosexual agenda, blah blah, tired right wing hate speech’. It makes me shake with rage (partially because I was bullied through age 16 myself). Children are children, and they deserve to be ALLOWED to be children, and to be safe, even (or especially) from one another.

    Also, while I may disagree with hate speech, and homophobia, and all the rest of it, I realize that technically, right now, that sort of thing is protected by the Right to Free Speech. But there is NO excuse for exposing kids to that. You want to sling hate speech? You wait till they’re eighteen and can punch you in the mouth like a grown up for it. It’s cowardice and inhumanity is what it is.

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