Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls

Just after posting about that massive children’s book fail, I now have found a complete children’s book win! Okay, so, Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls is actually a coloring book. And I really want it. The Amazon product review calls it “a comic deconstruction of traditional gender roles.” How awesome is that? 

In the beginning of the book, there are questions like “How many genders are there?,” “What would the world look like without gender?,” “In what ways do you feel confined or restricted by your assigned gender?,” “Was the gender assigned to you the one you feel most comfortable with?,” “What privileges do you or don’t you have due to the gender you’ve been labeled with?,” “Do you feel forced to act in certain ways because of your assigned gender?,” and “How do you you unlearn gender?” Those are questions I didn’t start dealing with until I got to gender studies courses in college (well, mostly). That’s so cool!

The coloring book starts off with a really endearing story about a group of awesome kids (the contributors) who didn’t let gender roles get in the way of wearing pink eyeshadow, and using power tools, and just generally having a brilliant time. The two authors (well, the story-child counterparts)

decided to take action against all the rigid gender roles that had been unwillingly placed upon them and their friends. They . . . created a coloring book that would help everyone realize that it is in all our natures to be gentle, brazen, vulnerable, courageous, and emotional, no matter what gender we are. They created a coloring book that makes it perfectly sensible to color outside the lines.”

I absolutely think that everyone should go take a look at Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls because it looks like the most exciting book I’ve heard of in a while (probably since Dean Spade’s book), despite the fact that it’s a coloring book (and I can guarantee that it will be more accessible than Dean Spade’s book, even though I’m also super pumped about that).

2 responses to “Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls

  1. That is SO Awesome! I had a book, “My friend has two daddies”, and another one about a mother who was a carpenter, and another one about a boy who wanted a skirt. I think that was doing pretty well for the 1980s, and thanks to my parents for making sure that my brother and I read such things growing up:)

  2. Oh, yeah! I totally saw that a little while ago and it was really cool. Possibly Mara had it? She has quite a few of those.

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