Rocking the Hot Wall, Post-BMC-Style

One of Bryn Mawr’s little quirks is the Hot Wall. I don’t know how long the concept has been around, but by the time I got there, it was a well-established practice, and when I left, it was still going strong. So, the Hot Wall. What is a Hot Wall?

Well, it was basically a wall, literally (generally the wall of a dorm hallway, although someone once had to recreate one in Erdman — one of the dining halls — as a their trial punishment for Hell Week), on which people put up photos, magazines clippings, posters, and the like. Everything from Kiera Knightley, to random models from magazines, to photos of their friends, to a sign stating something along the lines of “things which one might be inclined to put on a wall.”

I sort of miss having a Hot Wall. It was fun seeing what people would put up. Throughout the years, my  halls have been pretty great. My hall my first year — Rock 2nd 1st — was particularly epic. So, I thought I’d recreate it here in a sort of virtual version.

Only, to tell the truth, I feel a bit awkward about the whole thing. I mean, it’s rather objectifying, isn’t it? “This person is hot; therefore, I am putting a photo of them on my wall.” So it’s really more of a “This person is awesome and thus deserving of recognition . . . and attractive as well (in keeping with the original idea)” sort of thing. I do enjoy gushing on and on about people — favorite actors and characters and such.

And so, without further ado, my Hot Wall.

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