Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. With my family, that means that very shortly, my family and I will be gathered around the Christmas tree, opening presents, eating Christmas rolls (I’m the raisin-hating cousin mentioned in the post), and drinking orange juice freshly squeezed from the Hollieanna Groves oranges that my Floridian grandmother always sends us for Christmas (as I like to call it, Florida in a glass). Afterwards, we’ll eat eggs Benedict and caramel rolls, and then a whole bunch of family and friends will be over for Christmas day.

Before then, however, I have a bit of time to myself (somehow, I still can’t sleep in very long on Christmas morning, and I woke up over an hour before I actually need to), and I thought I would take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas if they celebrate it, and a wonderful Saturday if they don’t.

I was going to use the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” because it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs right now — the music is beautiful, and there’s something about the lyrics (particularly the lyrics from Meet Me In St. Louis) that is wistful, and yet hopeful, and it just goes right to my heart.

But as I sit down to type this, it doesn’t seem quite light enough. Christmas morning should be all about happiness and energy and the magic of Christmas (it brings out my inner seven-year-old).

So, I will leave you with two different videos that, to me, symbolize what Christmas morning should be about, family and fun. The first is a video of my incredibly talented best friend and her also amazingly talented fiance (by the way, they have an album on iTunes: it’s called Noel, except with the umlaut that I haven’t figured out how to make — and Jonathan has a YouTube channel on which Karrah often sings while he plays piano). The second is a fabulous little video clip of the current stars of the Doctor Who cast (Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill). It’s hilarious. . . . and now that I think of it, they happen to be singing (well, kind of singing — you’ll see) “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” so I suppose this post is coming rather full circle. Whichever way, Christmas should be about being with people you love and care about, and I’m going upstairs as soon as I post this to begin doing so.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

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