Hot Wall: Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

I’m on a bit of a Doctor Who kick right now, but I adore Alex Kingston. She plays River Song. Despite being in only six episodes, she’s become one of my favorite characters in the show, second (third? fourth?) only to the Doctor (10 definitely, 11 maybe, possibly 9). Frankly, after the first episode (well, two episodes — it was a two-parter, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead), I was hooked.

River Song is such a fascinating character — so much mystery and charm, humour and intensity, wisdom and sass. Plus, she more than holds her own with the Doctor, and she keeps him on his toes (and it’s rather refreshing to see the Doctor off-balance, since he’s generally the one who knows infinitely more than everyone else). River’s definitely not some young girl with stars in her eyes, and I think that’s grand. She can even fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor. Is there anything she can’t do? (She can even break out of prison with style.)

Alex Kingston is amazing — River can’t be an easy character to portray, especially given that she doesn’t follow the Doctor’s personal timeline  in the show. She’s also a time-traveler, so when the Doctor sees her, she sometimes hasn’t yet lived episodes that we’ve seen, and she’s definitely shared a lot of her life with a version of the Doctor we’ve not yet seen. All in all, I think Alex Kingston does a fantastic job. She just makes me want to see more and more of River Song.

Even the Daleks are scared of River Song. She’s made of awesome.

I found a video someone put together of a pretend trailer for a TV show about River Song, and it’s fantastic (go check it out: I can’t post it here). I would be so ridiculously happy were it a real TV show. Pretty much my only complaint about River Song (other than the fact that she doesn’t appear enough, and I’d love to know more about her) is that I’m not a big fan of her hairstyle in the beginning of The Time of Angels (in the beginning of the following video clip, the overly styled blonde curls) — as far as I’m concerned, the wild, unruly, untamed curls are perfect.



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