For This, I Am Grateful

This year, I have had so much for which to be thankful, things both large and small.

1. My parents’ unconditional love, support, and acceptance

2. How supportive everyone has been since I’ve come out as trans

3. Finding community in GenderQueer Chicago

4. Lex

5. Finding a passion in the Transformative Justice Law Project

6. Starting out in a new city by sharing an apartment with my best friend

7. The opportunity to explore who I am and what I want to do with my life

8. Graduating from Bryn Mawr

9. Having a family with whom I enjoy spending time

10. Keeping in touch with old friends, even though we live in different parts of the country

11. Managing to complete my thesis (thanks to Dean Spade for renewing my belief that society can change, to my thesis advisor, to my fellow philosophy majors, to my former roommate for putting up with me and taking me to get my thesis bound)

12. The Bryn Mawr community for making me feel dapper during my Senior Week clothing crises

13. The fellow Rock senior who shared her bedtime story with me, allowing me to have the Hell Week experience I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year

14. Being able to wear a vest and tie at my college graduation

15. My health and that of my family and friends

3 responses to “For This, I Am Grateful

  1. You’re very welcome former roomie! ❤

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