New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Whereas, it is the start of the year 2011,

Whereas, it is customary to make resolutions at the start of the new year,

Understanding, that I have intentions and wishes for the future,

Be it resolved that the following resolutions are made:

  1. I resolve to be better at speaking up for myself.
  2. I resolve to be more honest about how I feel and what I need, instead of trying to protect people from their own potential reactions to what I say.
  3. I resolve to have the needed discussions.
  4. I resolve to take better care of myself.
  5. I resolve to work on lessening my perfectionistic tendencies.

Every now and again, memories of Plenary pop up, and since it seems relevant now, I thought I’d indulge the urge to begin this in a rather Plenary resolution sort of style.

I’ve never really been a big New Year’s resolutions kind of person, but since so much in my life is changing right now (I’m still adjusting to not being in school, after 16 years of it), I thought it might be a fitting time to evaluate how I’m living my life. I’m always making plans about things I should start doing : what better time to put them in action than the start of a brand new year?

  • I resolve to keep writing. I resolve to blog on a regular basis (at least once a week), if nothing else, to avoid getting rusty.
  • I resolve to write a proper paper — something of substance, not mere fluff; something longer than a blog post; something backed by logic and research, not just a convenient method to get up on my soap box.
  • I resolve to revisit and start reworking my thesis.
  • I resolve to read an intellectually stimulating book every month, to continue to challenge myself.
  • I resolve to start researching law schools and grad schools, the LSATs and GREs, as I explore what my next steps will be.
  • I resolve to review the Korean I’ve learned and to return to the books from which I studied.
  • I resolve to write something, a paragraph or two at least, every few months in Spanish.
  • I resolve to learn how to play a song on my guitar.

And, just for fun, I think that 2011 will be the year that I finally get the tattoo I’ve been planning.

3 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

  1. Ryan,

    I couldn’t help but burst out into a mixture of laughter and tears as I began reading this post. I never really made the mental connection between Plenary resolutions and New Year’s resolutions, but now that you mention it, they really are quite similar. Plenary resolutions are just New Year’s resolutions made by the entire community twice a year. Your resolutions sound wonderful. They are not only great goals, but really attainable goals that I’m sure you will achieve. This year I resolved to not vom unless I have a stomach bug or something. It seems silly, but I’m really going to try to stay on top of my health this year both for my own sake and for the people who I love. (raise your hand if you’re a close friend of mine who has cleaned up my vom before…although I don’t think you ever did, but a lot of people have…)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your blog this year and hearing about what’s up with you and your life. I’d love to find a time to go to Chicago at some point this semester, but that may not happen. Either way, we should definitely make an effort to keep in touch better. Perhaps that can our New Year’s resolution.

    : )

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the Plenary/New Year’s resolutions thing was funny. 🙂 Also, your resolution sounds like a good idea, too. Good luck with that.

      And, if you can come to Chicago some time, that would be awesome! And if not (frankly, even if you do), we really should try to keep in touch better. I miss you. I agree — that should be our New Year’s resolution. Hugs!

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