I’m Posting Every Day of 2011!

In keeping with my resolution to post blog entries more regularly, I’m starting The Daily Post‘s PostADay. They’ll provide blogging prompts and topics each day throughout the year. I originally thought that I would participate in the PostAWeek — I worried that holding myself to a standard of blogging everyday would prioritize quantity over quality. I didn’t want to post blog entries with which I’m not satisfied, just to say that I’ve posted. I wanted my blog to mean something.

But then I realized that, while I have posted about issues I believe are important, I’ve also posted about silly, fluffy topics. I’ve posted about The Lord of the Rings (and not philosophical analysis of it — although that will come, as I’m rereading The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy for the first time in years — just stream-of-consciousness ramblings) and Doctor Who, about Kpop boy bands and Bryn Mawr’s Hot Walls. Not all of my posts have been carefully crafted and edited numerous times, so why should that be preeminent this year?

Moreover, I realized that the real reason why I didn’t want to do PostADay is that, at heart, I’m still a perfectionist. This isn’t the first blog I’ve started — it may actually be my fifth or so — and most of the other blogs were abandoned early on because I couldn’t write a satisfactory post. I’d love my blog to be brilliant, to be revolutionary, to be engaging and interesting, to be expertly written, to have sharp analysis worthy of be published.

And that desire for the perfect blog has, in the past, paralyzed me and kept me from writing anything at all. The reason why this blog has continued in the way it has is that I didn’t start with high expectations. It didn’t start as a means of  challenging the problematic structure of the society in which we live. It didn’t start as a way to break down the falsely binary nature of the US’s gender and sex systems. I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with people, and it has evolved naturally from that point. Even so, I have a much greater number of partially-completed drafts than I have actual posts. It is easy — far too easy — to deem something “not good enough” and click the “save draft” button to perfect later.

Doing my very best to post every day this year goes helps me with two New Year’s resolutions. Obviously, it works towards the resolution of posting more regularly. However, I hope that it also helps me to relax my standards and set more realistic expectations for myself. I need to realize that it is okay to be imperfect — it is human to be imperfect. Demanding perfection only sets me up to fail.

I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and good will along the way. I imagine this will be difficult, but I hope it will also be rewarding. And, as always, I hope you enjoy my blog.

With love,


6 responses to “I’m Posting Every Day of 2011!

  1. lovely ryan, i can completely relate to what you say as a perfectionist myself, i have often fell into the same trap, especially with my writing, it took me 3 years to start blogging and not because of lack of ideas, or even lack of content as seems to be most common. I literally struggled with which one was the ‘perfect’ thing to start with. Of course I did other things with my time, but on embarking on this particular adventure I have found the missing ‘thing’ that I was looking for – complete freedom. Now that I have a base, where I can write about anything I want, it has made it easier for my other ideas to blossom.

    You definitely have my support – I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  2. Hi,

    This is Yang Gao from your class and I’ve also decided to do the Post a day thing this year. Good luck with everything!

  3. Wonderful, post. I loved that you wrote about this. It is very much informative. I am really impress your post.

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