WordPress and Privacy

Since I started this blog, I’ve been conflicted about how much to share and what’s mine to share. After all, my blog is public (whether or not many people read it is beside the point, the point being that anyone could see it), and as the saying goes, once something goes up on the internet, it’s there forever.

In particular, I worry about over-sharing about the people in my life. Perhaps I go overboard, but I’d rather be too vague than upset someone by mentioning them. I very, very rarely mention people by name; I’ve only shown photos of myself.

What are your thoughts? Is mentioning people by name okay? How about photos? I’d love to include photos of my friends and family when relevant, but I know some people might not be okay with that. This is different from facebook, after all — there are no privacy settings (or rather, I’m not using them, as they’re quite limited). Posting about Bryn Mawr or Chicago, my trip last summer or my life in general — it’s all more interesting when I can post photos, and most of my photos have other people in them.

At times, I think it’s really not a big deal. I want to use photos that add to a post, not ones that embarrass people: what’s the harm in that? And then I think of whether I would want to randomly find photos of myself on the internet that I knew nothing about, and it’s a bit unsettling.

I may be over-thinking this — I do have rather a tendency to do so. Any thoughts?

One response to “WordPress and Privacy

  1. I voted for yes, but only if you have their permission not because I think you actually need to ask permission every time, but perhaps you could only post pictures of people who you know read your blog regularly or ask those who may not if it’s ok to, in general post pictures of them. That way, if someone is upset about it, they can either ask you politely to remove it or not give their general permission. Essentially, if it were me (and I’m aware that it very well sometimes could be me as we were in lots of pics together in college), I would trust you to use your best judgement, so a one time permission would be sufficient. I hope that made sense…

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