Epic Super Powers

I recently read a prompt regarding super powers. My immediate thought was that I’d love to be able to travel instantly and safely, wherever I want to go. Of course, I then had two additional thoughts in quick succession: firstly, there would be all kinds of logistical issues if everyone could travel anywhere instantly, and secondly, if I were the only one able to do so, I’d have a great deal of difficulty trying to hide it from people.

So, I’ve had to rethink my plan. If no one would give me trouble about it, I’d still love to be travel to do the travel thing. I could eat wherever I want (I would give so much to be able to just go to Seoul, or New York, or DC, or home whenever I felt a craving for a particular restaurant). I could see whoever I wanted without having to plan excessively and buy a plane ticket (Bellas concerts, coffee with my friend in DC, Sunday brunch with my parents, hanging out with my cousin in Indiana). It would even help my job aspects, as I could find a job back in the Twin Cities (or, I suppose, anywhere else) and still be able to live in Chicago. Oh my god, and Broadway! That would be worth it right there. Shopping, traveling — the world would, literally, be at my fingertips.

However, I wouldn’t be able to do any of that (well, maybe some of the restaurants and shopping and such) if I needed to hide my abilities. It would be ridiculous to commute from Chicago to Minneapolis everyday for work, for example, if I had to use conventional modes of transportation. I’d have to continually come up with excuses as to why I could travel so frequently.

And it’s possible that, if I could go anywhere whenever I wanted, it would make things less special. International travel wouldn’t be a big deal if I could do it everyday. And why go to local theatre when I could go to Broadway? Why find a new tapas place in Chicago when I could go to Jaleo? Why find a new Korean restaurant when I could go to Mirror of Korea back home — for that matter, why go to Mirror when I could just go to Korea?

So, perhaps, it’s for the best that I’m limited to the same forms of transportation as everyone else, even though it would be awesome were that not the case, at least until the novelty wore off.

In that case, I think I would want to be able to speak and understand (and preferably read and write, but that’s secondary) all languages fluently. Aside from the fact that it would just be really cool, it would definitely help my job prospects, and I could travel pretty much anywhere without needing a translator. As another bonus, I can’t think of as many downsides to this potential superpower. Plus, my inner  high school LotR fan thinks it would be pretty fantastic to be able to speak Tolkien’s Elvish.

4 responses to “Epic Super Powers

  1. Mind if I steal this post idea sometime?

    I’d totes still choose teleportation.

  2. Maybe your epic superpower is reading my mind? I was having very similar thoughts about teleportation the other day. Also, your language idea is awesome.

    (P.S. This is Beth; I’m just actually logged into my own blog for once.)

    • Wow, I totally didn’t realize that this was you! I noticed it a bit ago, and I actually checked out your blog, but I thought you were some random person. Anyway, good to know. And I’m glad you like the language idea — it seems both cool and useful, which is a good combination.

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