Blast From the Past – High School Memories

This past weekend, my roommate (the best-friend-from-high-school one) and I met up with a couple of former high school classmates who also live in Chicago. I haven’t seen either of them since grad parties the summer after we graduated. It was quite the experience.

“Girls’ night out”? A little awkward . . . and yet, quite familiar (give the six years at an all-girls school — the one at which I met all three of them). Still, though, it was fun, once I got past the awkward.

It was kind of ridiculous, really — I never hung out with either of them in high school (in a completely amicable sort of way), although I went to Guatemala with one of them (for our senior project) and the other was in my homeroom. We simply didn’t have anything in common, and we were in different social circles. And yet, meeting up with them was sincerely enjoyable. It’s fascinating how much can change in four years.

It made me realize that we’ve all grown up; we’re not who we were in high school. While I obviously know that I’ve changed since high school, it’s easy to forget that other people have as well. It’s nice that we can have a pleasant night catching up, even though we didn’t in high school — what happened in high school doesn’t determine our current social relationships, even the ones that exist solely because of high school.

One response to “Blast From the Past – High School Memories

  1. Ryan – so very true. And in another 4 years it will be different, and so on and so forth. That is what makes meeting people so interesting and re-connecting even more so.

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