The Minnesota State Fair: The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I love the Minnesota State Fair. Of course, for me, the State Fair is all about the food. Well, maybe the baby animals as well (the Miracle of Birth station? Adorable!). I’ve been going to the State Fair for as long as I can remember, although I didn’t go last year because I was in Chicago already. I’ve even worked at the State Fair — for three years with Pita Gourmet (which has since been replaced by Big Fat Bacon) and for one year at Sweet Martha’s.

Every year I went with my parents, we’d absolutely have to get the fries. That was the one guarantee — my dad loved those fries (and they were fantastic).

Fresh French Fries — The only place to go

Oh, those fries

Also, Sweet Martha’s — those deliciously warm, melty cookies went perfectly with chilled milk from the all-you-can-drink stand.

There were a whole bunch of foods I’d regularly get for lunch, some of them more suitable for an actual meal and some of them not as much. Taste, cost, and proximity to where I worked were the main deciding factors in where to go (whether it would actually be filling was less of a concern). The strawberry-whipped cream crepe, and the potato-cheese crepe — both from La Creperie, are some of my favorites.

I’d also occasionally have the Luigi Fries; I suppose I could have made them at home, but they were so much tastier at the Fair. Plus, the stand was basically across the street from the stand that sold the food where I worked.

Now that I think of it, Hawaiian Shaved Ice isn’t actually lunch, but it was delicious. And so much better than a Sno Cone.

Mini-donuts! I love mini-donuts, those warm, sugar-covered rings of goodness.

Both elephant ears and funnel cakes are pretty much classic, although I’d usually only get one of them, if either.

Funnel Cake

Elephant Ear — This one has powdered sugar, although I usually get the cinnamon-sugar kind. 

And, of course, there were cheese curds.

Cheese Curds — Classic State Fair food

Pita Gourmet: I didn’t actually work at this location, but I helped prepare the food for three years. Good times, really. And the food was fantastic — very fresh-tasting, a nice change for all of the heavy, deep-fried foods for which the State Fair is known. Of course, we also had our fair share of indulgences, namely, the amazing 11-Layer Bars and the seriously addictive croutons.

I suppose the fact that the Fair comes only once a year (well, 12 days a year) is a good thing, given how incredibly unhealthy (and oh-so-delicious) most of the foods there are. Nevertheless, I really miss the State Fair and all of its deep-fried, sugary, salty goodness, especially since it’s been so long since I was last there.

2 responses to “The Minnesota State Fair: The Great Minnesota Get-Together

  1. Oh, Naomi. I miss you. 🙂

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