I Want To Be Blaine Anderson

Darren Criss as Blaine on Glee, singing with the Dalton Academy Warblers

This isn’t some statement of an additional change in name: I’m still Ryan. Right now, I’m talking about Darren Criss. Well, Darren Criss’ character on Glee, anyway — Blaine (they haven’t mentioned his last name yet, but rumor has it that it’s Anderson). I’m not certain there’s every been a fictional character I wanted to emulate as much as him. And by “him,” I should make clear, I mean “Blaine, the singer and lead vocalist of the Warblers,” not “Blaine, the high school student and well-intentioned dispenser of often misguided advice.” 

The first time I saw Blaine singing “Teenage Dream,” I fell in love a little. I watched it over, and over, and over.

I think Blaine is so wonderful. Every time I watch one of these videos, I want to be Blaine (well, if the Warblers were a college a cappella group — I don’t think I’d want to relive high school, even to be Blaine). Blaine has an incredible voice. From the first note, he has no hesitation. He’s charismatic and confident. He’s a leader. He has panache, and he’s obviously at home as soloist. He is absolutely in synch with the other guys, and yet he makes the choreography his own. He interacts with his group and with the audience. Despite how coordinated they all are, there’s an element of warmth and merriment, as though they’re simply a group of friends (who happen to be particularly talented) singing and hanging out with more friends. And yet he’s so put-together, so polished (and I love the blazers — go ahead, judge me).

He throws himself into performing 100 percent, and he clearly isn’t the least bit self-conscious. I can practically see his joy at performing. He’s having fun! And even though they’re performing in front of tons of people at a competition, he isn’t fazed in the least, and his personality is out full force. He just goes for it. And it’s like he doesn’t even have to think about any of it — the singing, the dancing, the performance of it. I love a cappella, and I adore Blaine. He is pretty much exactly the sort of soloist I wish I were.

I loved this part. Blaine is so suave, so charming. He’s flirty, but gentlemanly. He’s cool and collected, yet warm and playful. There’s such an ease between Kurt and him. Blaine is so completely the opposite of me in pretty much every way I’ve listed, and I think he’s fabulous.

8 responses to “I Want To Be Blaine Anderson

  1. I think you’re fabulous!

    (Blaine is, of course, fabulous as well, but in a different way)

    : )

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