Response to Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You”

The first time I ever heard the song was on Glee, sung by Gwyneth Paltrow. It was a catchy, upbeat song — a big, New Directions-style dance party (and it’s always nice to see Kurt happy).

A while later, I watched the music video, and I lost interest. It was definitely not a feel-good video. I actually only finished watching it recently in order to write this. It didn’t really seem fair to the woman (there are always two sides to every story and all). And when he ever even “with” her? He smiles at her as a child and attempts to bring her flowers in high school. In college, he sends her a ketchup heart on a plate, and she dumps fries on his shirt. Nice? No. However, he’s been sort of creepster-stalking her since they were kids. And while it might make her kind of mean, it doesn’t make her a gold-digger. And that ending bit — with him rich and important-looking and her being sad with a broom? If he’s still that focused on her, he’s clearly not as over her as he’d like to pretend. And the “Sk8r Boi”-style “Now I’m awesome, and you’re not, aren’t you mad you let me go?” message was a bit heavy-handed. It just seems as though he needs to get over himself.

Then I saw Whitney Avalon’s response, “Clearly Obsessed”:

Everything changed. “F**k You” has taken on all kinds of creepy undertones. I realize that they are not the same song; I recognize that her song doesn’t mean the protagonist in the “F**k You” video is actually stalking the woman about whom he sings. However, the changed lyrics fit enough that it is a plausible option. More than ever, “F**k You” seems to be the story of a bitter man who would likely be best served by moving on with his life and ceasing the fixation on a woman from his past.

2 responses to “Response to Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You”

  1. Here’s what I don’t get: in the college scene, the girl he’s tutoring looks totally into him. why doesn’t he tap that instead? she’s hotter than his crush anyway. duh.

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