Hot Wall: Katherine Moennig

Kate Moennig

Kate Moennig played Shane McCutcheon on The L Word; she was basically the only reason why I even tried to watch the show (well, I mean, except for my brief-ish dyke stage in which I figured watching The L Word was practically mandatory).

I loved how Shane dressed — both that she looks incredible and that I just really like her style. There are not enough female characters on television who have a similar style (let alone actresses who can pull off the look like Moennig can).

Right, so, she’s hot, and she’s got great style. Her character on The L Word was fascinating. (I’d post a link to a video, but since I can’t find anything that doesn’t involve a fair amount of sex and swearing, and my family reads this blog, I’ll just leave you with this hint: if you want to see what I mean, search for “Shane” and “The L Word” on YouTube.)

However, Kate Moennig is awesome for more than being Shane. She was involved with a web series called My Address, which is about homeless LGBT youth, and she really seems to care about how these kids and how society  treats them.

2 responses to “Hot Wall: Katherine Moennig

  1. She is hot, but way too skinny for me, I worry what she eats…or doesnt, rather.

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