Hot Wall: Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Oh, man, how I do love Neil Patrick Harris. I will be forever grateful to my senior year suitemate for introducing me to him (well, through Doogie Houser, M.D. and How I Met Your Mother). She would watch the episodes on her laptop, and I’d end up getting pulled in based solely on what I would overhear from across the room. Eventually, we just started watching the show together, starting with the first season.

But back to the topic: NPH. He beat John Barrowman (who I adore) in AfterElton‘s “Big Gay Battle” (Gay/Bisexual Man of the Decade poll) by a landslide 30% of the votes (Barrowman beat the next person in line, Sir Ian McKellen, by 30%). In other words, he’s a very visible, proudly out, gay man. Way to go, NPH, for being true to yourself.

NPH with his partner, David Burtka

NPH is one of those special child actors who go on to have big careers as adults. I love him in How I Met Your Mother, for all that he plays a complete womanizer. His comedic timing is spot-on, he looks fantastic in a suit, and every now and again, they’ll give him serious moments in which to reveal this really touching, earnest vulnerability.

NPH as Barney Stintson, in How I Met Your Mother

He’s the star of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, showcasing his fantastic voice (and, of course, his acting ability).

He also won an Emmy for his role as Brian Ryan in Glee.

Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris, as Will Schuester and Brian Ryan, in Glee

He has performed at both the Emmy’s and the Academy Awards (he also hosted both the Emmy’s and the Tony’s in 2009).

He made a video through MTV for gay youth who are getting bullied: “Stand tall, be proud of who you are.”

Neil Patrick Harris, to use his How I Met Your Mother character’s catchphrase, is legendary.

Aw, look at that grin!


3 responses to “Hot Wall: Neil Patrick Harris

  1. Fun fact: NPH’s partner with whom he currently fathers twin babies (can i get an awww) and with whom he is pictured with in your post plays Scooter, lilly’s high school boyfriend, on HIMYM.

    • I knew that! I saw a Youtube clip of NPH talking about the twins (which was adorable), and when I discovered that his partner was Scooter on HIMYM, I watched the wedding episode (because it had Scooter). Anyway, I enjoy that we share the same NPH/HIMYM fun facts 🙂

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