Legally Blonde: The Musical

I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical last year in Philly with a big group of people from Bryn Mawr (gotta love those discount tickets). I didn’t know what to expect — I thought the idea was ridiculous the first time I hear Legally Blonde had been made into a musical, but I wasn’t about to forgo the $20 ticket (including a bus directly there and back) to a musical, so I signed up anyway.

I stumbled over a clip of “Omigod You Guys” on YouTube the other day and remembered how catchy the songs are. It’s a little like Mamma Mia, in a way — Broadway fluff, high-energy and lots of fun, even if it’s not exactly a classic like Les Miz.

One thing I didn’t like about the musical, compared to the movie, was the characterization of Enid. She was actually one of my favorite characters in the movie (I know, such a surprise, right? The lesbian who got a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies from Berkeley — who’d’ve thought I’d find her interesting?). While she was a little . . . intense . . . in the movie, she seemed fairly down-to-earth (and possibly more like anyone I’d know than, say, Elle). In the show, however, she was a total charicature of the militant lesbian. And I know that it was a musical, so everything is over the top, but it just didn’t sit right, especially since I liked the character in the movie so much. (I have a tendency to do that — form favorite characters from tiny side characters, like Elaine Hendrix’s character in Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion).

I did, however, like that the musical develops Elle and Emmett’s relationship, and it shows Elle putting real work into her studies (not just using her knowledge of haircare — what “any Cosmo girl would know”).

While neither the musical itself, nor its music, will ever replace the likes of Rent and Wicked in my heart, Legally Blonde was a surpisingly enjoyable show.

2 responses to “Legally Blonde: The Musical

  1. What I remember not liking from the musical is that they made Elle’s personality too fluffy. In the movie she was portrayed as an actually intelligent human being who just happened to also be into her looks and was judged falsely by society, but the musical, I felt, made it seem like a fluke that she was able to go to Harvard Law and become a lawyer. Also, I too did not like the portrayal of Enid in the musical. I also really liked her in the movie a lot. She would have fit in well at Bryn Mawr. : )

    • Hmm . . . to be completely honest, I don’t remember too much about the musical (given that I watched it about a year and a half ago). Or at least, not enough to remember what Elle was like. I remember that we had conversations about her, though. She did appear to be intelligent in the movie, though (naive, yes, unaccustomed to using her brain for legal matters, yes, but intelligent nevertheless).

      Also, I’m glad you agree with me about Enid 🙂

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