Hot Wall: David Tennant, Part 2

David Tennant

David Tennant, the Doctor

I adore David Tennant, and it really is a shame that his Hot Wall post is such a short little thing (it was my first of the Hot Wall posts, and I was still figuring out how to make it work). So, I’ve created this addition to the first. 

David Tennant

DT is, of course, the Tenth Doctor of Doctor Who (I have this very strong, and mostly irrelevant “Oh, Doctor! My Doctor!” urge, à la Dead Poets Society).

Oh, the Doctor

There are so very many wonderful things about David Tennant as the Doctor.

He has this implacable determination to do what is right, as though there is nothing in time and space that would stop him. He is witty and charming and adorable. He talks a million miles a minute in a completely engaging, entertaining way.

Sonic screwdriver!

Tennant’s Tenth Doctor expresses, at times, an almost childlike glee, and yet he also gives the impression of having the weight of the world (all of time and space, really) on his shoulders. Time and time again, he has lost those he has loved, but he continues to care about his companions, about the people he meets, and about the people of Earth. He is the Doctor, the savior of countless worlds, but he also reveals such vulnerability. He is noble and self-sacrificing, but he is so very human in his desire to stay, to not regenerate. His last words are “I don’t want to go.”

The Doctor with his Rose

Gotta love the suit and trainers combination

In non-Doctor Who news, Tennant also performed Shakespeare — the title role in Hamlet, with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

David Tennant as Hamlet

David Tennant is charming in person as well, not just as the Doctor. Plus, he’s Scottish (and he’s got the accent!).

And Tennant was completely gracious (far more so than many of his fans) about Matt Smith being the newest Doctor.

Here’s this brilliant little clip of David Tennant from taping “Human Nature” from Season Three of Doctor Who — he speaks about random stuff for about a minute for the scene in which a recording of him is being fast-forwarded. It’s awesome. I love David Tennant.

So adorable 🙂

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