This Is Just Wrong

While I was checking Facebook a few minutes ago, I just saw a link to this article and video — “Utah police shot and killed a man within seconds of storming his parents’ home.” I’m not going to summarize the article or what happened; go to the article for that. I honestly don’t know what to say.

On so many levels, there is so much wrong with this. I don’t even know where to begin. This is just wrong, to the point that I can’t actually form coherent, relevant sentences. I’m aware this post lacks analysis. It lacks a story. It lacks articulation of anything, really.

Go read the article. That’s why I’m posting this, despite everything it lacks. What happened to this person, Todd Blair, is such a clear example of what’s wrong with this whole system — the police, the criminal legal system, the prison industrial complex.

As my friend who posted the link said, “abolition now.”

One response to “This Is Just Wrong

  1. Dearest Ryan – there is no argument that what happened is just wrong – and so incredibly sad. However, I am not sure I can leap to the same conclusion that this incident is indicative of an entire system – “the police, the criminal legal system, the prison industrial complex”. Nothing is perfect and this incident in Salt Lake takes it to the absolute worst possible conclusion but there is also good that happens. I know you know this but I felt I had to state it. I love you Mom

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