Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith as Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor

When I finished Season Four of Doctor Who, I was mostly convinced that no one other than David Tennant — the Tenth Doctor — could ever really be the Doctor in my heart. I was devastated when he left, and frankly, I waited a while to start watching the Season Five because I just didn’t want to see anyone else be the Doctor.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor -- I've even started to like the bow tie.

Eventually, I started watching Matt Smith as the Doctor. He’s no David Tennant, but he sort of began to grow on me. A few episodes in, I realized that I believed Matt Smith as the Doctor. I enjoyed watching him and wasn’t just wishing that David Tennant could’ve been on-screen instead. By the end of the season, I was cheering for the Eleventh Doctor, and I wanted him back. I acknowledge the Eleventh Doctor as a completely worthy Doctor.

Matt Smith as the Doctor — He’s quirky (he eats fish custard!). He seems to be someone entirely different from the Tenth Doctor; there’s no one tying them together, and yet he is absolutely the Doctor as well. He’s looks so young, and then a second later, his almost thousand years will be obvious. He’s rude and then caring, in command of everything and then awkward and skittish. The Doctor is a mess of contradictions.

“Fish custard” is an epic scene. Matt Smith is hilarious!

The Eleventh Doctor proves himself to be awesome. Granted, he sort of relies on past victories, but really, that’s what the Doctor does best — he talks his way out of situations.

He also has a rather eccentric fashion sense. It’s endearing, really.

Despite my initial misgivings, I love the Eleventh Doctor. Long live Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor!

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