Glitter Guts and the Smallest Thing

What is the smallest thing near you? Write a paragraph about it.

As I sat at my computer, the smallest thing near me happens to be a little square card advertising I got it at Queerer Park‘s Homo-Coming last fall — at Beauty Bar, near my apartment. GlitterGuts, by the way, calls itself a “mobile photo booth,” although I’m not entirely sure about the photo booth part. They had one of those at the first dance I ever went to — Winter Dance, my sophomore year (I was out of town with the dance group for the big dance my freshman year) — the type where you actually got into a little booth, and it’d take a series of kinda iffy, but still fun, photos all in a row. That’s what I think of when I think of photo booths.

GlitterGuts, however (or at least, GlitterGuts that one time I was at an event at which they were also), is not a little booth with kinda so-so quality photos. It reminds me more of those photos they’d take at dances — prom and whatnot. Except GlitterGuts makes people look glamorous — the photos are all glossy and brightly colored, and everyone looks like a rock star — and it’s a whole lot more playful and free and fabulous. And the poses are more interesting, and the clothes aren’t as formal, and the photo pairings aren’t so straight-cis-couple-y (or maybe that was just Queerer Park, not GlitterGuts). Ooh, and the photo-taking part is free, which is awesome.

So, maybe it’s actually not much like the photo-taking people at high school dances. GlitterGuts is, however, fantastic. It was so much fun — a bunch of friends all piled together for the camera (if you want to see them, check out 127, 148, 149, 172, 173, and 174 of the Homo-Coming bunch). There was nothing serious or formal about it. I wish I knew how to take photos like that — really, everyone looks so fierce.

2 responses to “Glitter Guts and the Smallest Thing

  1. The smallest thing near me is a torn out add for the play A Jew Grows In Brooklyn. I’m at a relatives house. The caption says ” a heartwarming and hilarious true story of an American immigrant kid”. Hmmmmm

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