Lucas Carpenter at Bryn Mawr College

Lucas Carpenter

In the spring of 2010, the Hush Sound performed at Bryn Mawr. I’m very glad I went to the concert for two reasons: firstly, I had a really great conversation with one of the frosh from my hall about my thesis which resulted in her understanding that there’s a distinction between gender and sex (my thesis scores once again for being that handy ice-breaker in introducing someone to thinking about gender in new ways), and secondly, I discovered Lucas Carpenter. 

Lucas Carpenter’s MySpace page lists his musical genre as “Electroacoustic / Experimental / Pop.” Awesome. I can’t tell you much more about what kind of music he sings. However, he gave a really great performance at Bryn Mawr. He’s got some kind of thing so that he can record what he’s just done and play it back, which means that he can pretty much play and sing backup for himself (as you can see for yourself in the video I took of his performance at Bryn Mawr). It was unlike anything I’d previously seen, and it was  a lot of fun.

Also, a quick Google search has informed me that someone broke into his van and stole a lot of his gear; Lucas Carpenter now has a website through which people can donate (if they feel so inclined) to help him replace what was stolen. In return, he’ll send those people cool stuff like a bonus track, an autographed CD, and a Lucas Carpenter t-shirt. I don’t know how recently any of this happened,but I thought I’d post the link.

The Cover of Lucas Carpenter's "The Pixelated Path," a CD I own and love.

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