Oreos — I Just Can’t Say No

I’m kind of a foodie. I love fine dining. I’m generally a big proponent of quality — organic, unprocessed, etc. However, I also have a total weakness for Oreos. Double Stuf Oreos, in particular. It’s a little ridiculous — they are so processed. I’m not even sure what the white paste in the middle is. I probably can’t name more than a few of the numerous ingredients. They are kind of the antithesis of everything we’re supposed to be eating.

And yet, I love Oreos. They’re best with a glass of cold milk. When I was in high school, and something stressful was going on, my mom and I would sit down late at night and deal with whatever it was over Oreos with peanut butter. When I have to deal with tough decisions, even now, part of me wants to sit down with my mom, a jar of peanut butter, and a package of Oreos. I think I first got the idea for peanut butter on Oreos from the 1998 remake of Parent Trap. Peanut butter and chocolate — it’s a great combination! How did I not think of that before? There’s something very comfort food about it.

There’s just something about Oreos that makes them nearly impossible to refuse. I’ll be very good about trying to eat healthfully, and then I’ll be at the office — Oreos will be passed around, and I just can’t bring myself to pass them over (even without the milk, even without the peanut butter).

Even writing this post is making me crave Oreos. Unfortunately, I don’t keep them in my apartment: to my way of thinking, the easiest way to not over-indulge on them is to just keep the temptation at bay and only enjoy them elsewhere. I’m not even sure what it is about them that makes them so addictive. They really don’t seem all that special until I see other people enjoying them. My resolve to forgo them weakens; I tell myself I’ll just have one . . . and then three Oreos later, I need to physically move the package of cookies away from me (if the people I’m with have left any, which isn’t always the case).

2 responses to “Oreos — I Just Can’t Say No

  1. Have you tried the mint ones or the ones that are orange in the middle for Halloween? My weakness is brownies, no nuts, homemade, drool . . . .

  2. Dear Ryan – I miss our late nights with the Oreos and Peanut Butter… Love you so much Mom

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