Random Act of Kindness at the Sprint Store

Every now and again, I’m reminded that people can be pretty great. Amidst all of the people who seem to only care about something if it affects them directly, the people who feel entitled to ask ridiculously invasive questions of virtual strangers, and other such people, there are also people who do nice things for people they don’t know without expecting anything in return. I met one of those nice people today.

My cell phone charger has been getting frayed, and last night, I realized that it’s no longer charging my phone when I plug it in, so I decided that it’s time to get a new charger. No problem, right? There’s a Sprint store in the Loop, just off the Clark/Lake Blue Line.

I arrived to the store and found a charger proclaiming itself to be the “universal” charger. It looked similar to my charger, so I went to go pay. So far, so good. Just in case, I casually asked whether it would work on all phones. It turns out that my phone is one of a very few phones that doesn’t accept the universal charger (thank you, Sprint). Worse, the Sprint store doesn’t actually carry the charger I need (apparently, they’re moving away from the type of charger my phone has). I have a smart phone; it doesn’t keep its charge very long, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

The Sprint store employee told me that she has the same phone I do and went to check whether there were any of the correct chargers in the back. A little while later, she reappears and tells me that they just don’t carry the charger I need. She then hands me her own spare charger from her purse. I am speechless. She tells me that she has a number of them and insists that I take it. I’m overwhelmed by her generosity — that’s so far above and beyond any kind of employee responsibility that I am just dumbfounded.

I thank her profusely and walk out of the store, almost tearing up (what can I say, I’m a really emotional person) — it was such a nice thing of her to do, and it was so unexpected. My cell phone is now happily charging, thanks to her charger, and I am feeling a little more hopeful about people in general.

Thank you, person from the Sprint store at Lake & LaSalle. Thank you for the charger, and thank you for reminding me of the good in the world.

3 responses to “Random Act of Kindness at the Sprint Store

  1. Dear Ryan – random acts of kindness are fabulous. You’ve been the recipient of one – now you can be the giver of one. I love you Mom

    PS – or better yet return to the store with a little something for her as a “thank you”….

    • On the way home from the grocery store, someone approached me asking for money because he was hungry, so I bought him some food at Wendy’s. I figured I might as well try to continue the good karma – pay it forward sort of thing.

  2. I love to hear stories like that because it renews my faith in humanity (and makes me feel that i’m not the only one). That you recognized this and actually brought it to life with words here is great!

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