Daily Archives: 8:01 PM, March 10, 2011

The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

The other day, I rediscovered the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus‘s contribution to The Trevor Project‘s “It Gets Better” project. (I had been watching the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles‘s “It Gets Better” video of “True Colors.”)

When the Chorus started singing, I was immediately reminded of Bryn Mawr — it took me by surprise for a second, before I realized that the song was to the tune of “Dona Nobis Pacem,” which is my class’s round (and which we sing at Step Sings). The artistic director, Dr. Stan Hill, wrote new lyrics for the purpose of the video:

When you’re sad and alone, when bullies hurt you,
It gets better. Better every day.
Reach out, you’re not alone.
It gets better. Better every day.
Seek peace. Find it deep within you.
It gets better. Better every day. Continue reading