The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

The other day, I rediscovered the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus‘s contribution to The Trevor Project‘s “It Gets Better” project. (I had been watching the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles‘s “It Gets Better” video of “True Colors.”)

When the Chorus started singing, I was immediately reminded of Bryn Mawr — it took me by surprise for a second, before I realized that the song was to the tune of “Dona Nobis Pacem,” which is my class’s round (and which we sing at Step Sings). The artistic director, Dr. Stan Hill, wrote new lyrics for the purpose of the video:

When you’re sad and alone, when bullies hurt you,
It gets better. Better every day.
Reach out, you’re not alone.
It gets better. Better every day.
Seek peace. Find it deep within you.
It gets better. Better every day.

The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (TCGMC) has an amazing sound. Their voices are truly beautiful. I think I went to my first TCGMC concert when I was a freshman in high school; I went with my mom because a family friend was in the Chorus. They did a number that involved little tidbits (just a couple lines of dialogue) of various movies, and it was fantastic — one part was from The Birdcage, and another might have been from Rocky Horror (although I’m not positive because I’d never seen the show at the time, so I didn’t recognize it).

Over the past eight or so years, I’ve been to number of their concerts and seen a lot of really fantastic numbers. I went to their Cher concert a few years back, which was a ton of fun. One of the songs that has stuck with me the most is “Not In Our Town,” a song by Fred Small about Billings, Montana, the town in which over 10,000 people put menorahs in their windows in solidarity with their Jewish neighbors who were being targeted by the KKK.

My absolute favorite of their songs, however, is “Walk Hand In Hand.” It never fails to send shivers down my spine: there’s something so powerful about it. The Chorus members join the audience, and everyone stands up, joins hands, and sings along. It’s an incredible moment.

Walk hand in hand with me, this is our destiny
No greater love could be, walk hand in hand
Walk with me

3 responses to “The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

  1. Dear Ryan- I look forward to us going again soon. Love you Mom

    • Ooh! About that! Can we please, please, please go this summer? “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” — “The Ultimate Boy Band Review” — “Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons to The Beatles, the Jackson 5, the Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers.” I think it sounds fabulous. I noticed a couple of days ago, and I was going to email you, and then I got distracted (or had to run out the door or something like that). Anyway, it sounds really exciting. Love you!

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