Belly Shack

Korean BBQ Beef (to go)

I was heading home from the office via the Blue Line when I walked past Belly Shack, just under the Western stop. I would have passed by, but the word “Korean” caught my eye (it’s a fusion restaurant). As I paused to check their menu, the door opened, giving me a whiff of Korean food. It smelled so good. I haven’t had Korean food of any kind in months, and I just couldn’t resist.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Soft Serve

I ordered the Korean BBQ Beef — “with Kimchi, Ssam Paste, and Scallions; served with Flat Bread.” I decided on get it to go, given that I didn’t have much time in which to get home, drop off my laptop, and eat, before heading to the Flogging Molly concert. The photos would have been better if I’d eaten at Belly Shack, but it just wasn’t feasible, time-wise. Whoever had the idea to serve the Korean BBQ Beef with flat bread was a genius. It was such a good combination.

Belly Shack leftovers for breakfast before heading to Madison

I also ordered the Bacon Chocolate Chip Soft Serve. Unfortunately, I somehow missed the fact that it was going to be a topping (I thought it that “bacon chocolate chip” was the flavor of the soft serve). If I’d realized that it was simply vanilla soft serve, I probably would have passed. The soft serve is pretty average. The cookie topping is amazing — slightly chewy cookies (softer, rather than crisper), smokey bacon, salty, dark chocolate. It was a great combination.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Soft Serve (to go)

All in all, I think Belly Shack is a little pricier than I’d usually prefer (especially the soft serve), but my food was delicious. I’m tempted to make nice, fluffy flat bread of my own the next time I make bulgogi or kalbi — it’s not traditional, but it’s definitely good.

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