Doctor Who Returns!

Rory, the Doctor, and Amy in "Time" and "Space"

I just discovered the BBC’s new videos on YouTube — “Space” and “Time” from Red Nose Day 2011 (“when the whole country gets together to do something funny for money and change countless lives in the process”). Amazing — I have been waiting for Doctor Who for so long! Well, really, since the “A Christmas Carol” came out for Christmas 2010. 

Matt Smith showed up — brilliantly and charmingly in character as the Eleventh Doctor — at Red Nose Day. He’s adorable, and I love the Doctor.

I cannot wait for Season Six of Doctor Who — and it’s starting this spring! The “Time” video said that “The Impossible Astronaut” is coming Easter 2011.  I was worried that I would have to wait until next fall (it’s kind of difficult to figure the non-U.S. TV show schedules).

I’m not certain whether I’ve ever been this excited about a TV show, but I am just so thrilled about Doctor Who. The Season 6 promo is awesome. There’s River Song (and I don’t care what anyone says: I adore River Song), and the Doctor is wearing a Stetson, and “I going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammy dodgers, and a fez” (and oh my god, is that Alex Kingston topless? — in a tasteful, carefully shot kind of way, of course).

I just realized that the first remotely Doctor Who-related anything I ever saw was from Red Nose Day — David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble). It was brilliant, and that was when David Tennant became my Doctor (even before I saw him as the Doctor).

And now, the fantastic Matt Smith is the Doctor, accompanied by the wonderful Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. I’m not sure if it’s quite fair to compare the David Tennant/Catherine Tate Red Nose Day video with the Doctor WhoRed Nose Day 2011 video, given that the Tennant/Tate video wasn’t actually Doctor Who. However, I’d say that Tennant and Tate’s video was brilliant and absolutely memorable and quotable (“Have we got double English or double Scottish?” “Bite me, alien boy!”). I can watch it over and over again. “Time” and “Space” are perhaps not quite as quotable, but I still love them. It’s Doctor Who, and I’m pretty much happy for anything I can find. Plus, there are definitely some fun parts.


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