Daily Archives: 5:04 PM, March 30, 2011

Righter and Wronger: Figuring Out Who I Am

A few years ago, I was going through a bit of an identity crisis. Well, actually, it was rather more than a bit of one — growing up in a society as deeply entrenched in a gender binary system as the U.S. is can turn questioning one’s gender into a really complicated mess.

I kept trying to figure things out in my head — my mind hadn’t failed me before. I’m a philosophy major! Thinking is what I do! I kept thinking that if I just worked at it hard enough, I could theorize my way to an identity, decide — based purely on my mental skills — how I identified and how I wanted to live my life. It wasn’t going so well. Some things are not purely theoretical, and gender is one of them. Still, I kept at it, not willing to accept that there wasn’t some conclusion to reach if I could only find the right argument, the right chain of logic. Continue reading