Eating at Orange in Chicago

The first time I arrived in Chicago, after having decided to move there, I went to brunch at Orange with my parents, my best friend from from high school/future roommate, and her boyfriend. It was fantastic, so when I saw a YouSwoop for Orange last fall, I jumped on it.

I finally managed to get to Orange a few weeks ago. My server was really nice and very honest about his opinions regarding the menu. I decided to order three items in order to use the full value of the YouSwoop, saving the last two for home.

I ordered the Steak and Eggs Benedict first. I knew I wanted it because I’d had it last summer, and it was amazing. Thick brioche, steak (medium-rare and a little on the chewy side, but still very tasty, especially since I hadn’t had a steak in ages), two perfectly poached eggs, a decent Hollandaise, and a pretty drizzle of balsamic reduction. The gooey egg/Hollandaise/balsamic combination was so good on the bread. It also came with potatoes, which were a little dry, although I brought them home to be fried up.

Steak and Eggs Benedict

That night, I ate the Orange-Rosemary French Toast. It immediately jumped off the menu for me, although I was a little apprenhensive because I’m not a huge fan of orange-flavored things (oranges, yes; orange juice, yes; orange flavor, not so much). I’m really glad I ordered it because it was delicious, even warmed up in the microwave. It was also huge — two slices (four triangles) of thick brioche. Definitely enough for two small meals, which works for me, as I generally prefer several small meals when I’m hungry, as opposed to two or three bigger meals at regular meal times. The French toast was good — nicely eggy but not overly so, not too sweet, only a vague hint of orange. It was served with toasted almonds, which added a nice crunch, powdered sugar, and an incredibly addictive sauce. Seriously, I really, really like the sauce.

Orange-Rosemary French Toast

The Chai Tea French toast — I was intrigued by its description (“stuffed with ricotta”), but when I was eating it, I didn’t really notice the ricotta. Possibly, if I’d eaten it when it was freshly made, it would have been different. That said, it’s good. The flavours are nice — the Chai is there but not overpowering. The sauce is yummy, although not as delicious as the other one. I enjoyed it, although I don’t know if I’d order it again, given that I liked the Orange-Rosemary French Toast better.

Chai Tea French Toast

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Orange. The dishes have a bit of a twist to them but not so much that I can’t recognize them. I think it’s a little on the pricey side (especially if you order one of their fantastic fresh-squeezed juices), but all of the food was very tasty.

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