Even More Pie from Hoosier Pie Company

I went back to Hoosier Mama Pie Company. I was feeling a little anxious about leaving Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and pie seemed like a good salve.

I had the Friday pie flight — three smaller slies of pie for $7. In terms of sheer volume, it’s not the best deal (each slices appeared to be a quarter of a small pie, which typically sells for $8). However, given that it allowed me sample a number of pies, it was perfect. I’ve been meaning to try the Coconut Cream (because it’s one of my favorite types of pie), the Chocolate Chess (because I’ve heard rave reviews), and the Pear (because I’ve been told that their fruit pies are amazing), so I went with all three.

The Pie Flight

The Coconut Cream was yummy. It’s a bit unlike other places — they seem to mix the coconut filling with the whipped cream, so it’s very light and fluffy. The coconut flavor is there, but not overpoweringly so.

I’ve been a little on the fence about the Chocolate Chess; it’s been described to me by several people as being like a brownie in pie form. But if I want a brownie, I’ll just get a brownie, not a more expensive piece of pie. The pie flight allowed me to see what all the fuss is about, without using a precious pie-slice allotment (I can’t go completely ridiculous, after all — it’s not healthy for my body, and it’s not healthy for my bank account). It tasted like a really fantastic brownie. If I were craving pie, I don’t know if it would hit the spot. However, since I was in a bit of a “I’m depressed; I want chocolate” sort of mood, it was perfect.

The Pear was good. I don’t generally order fruit pies (I can make a decent fruit pie myself), but I enjoyed it.

I also had a slice of the Chicken Pot Pie, since it was lunch time. It was, once again, excellent.

And then, since I’d been sitting in the pie shop, staring at the pie case for quite some time, I decided to get another slice of pie. The Passionfruit ¬†Meringue, after all, is not an everyday pie. I may not get another chance to sample it. And since I am apparently incapable of purchasing a single slice of pie, I got a slice of the Ginger Custard (which I’ve been eyeing for a while now and which came highly recommended).

The Ginger Custard was delicious. It was just as smooth as the Coconut Custard, only there were no bits of coconut to break up the custard. Lovely. I adore that kind of texture. The ginger was very subtle, very nice. It almost reminded me of chai.

The Passionfruit Meringue was, first of all, absolutely show-stopping. Those peaks of meringue are gorgeous. The flavor was outstanding — sweet tart tanginess of the passionfruit curd, the fluffy pure white meringue. Unique and possibly addictive.

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