Wordle and Beyond Bryn Mawr

I find Wordle fascinating. Wordle is, for those who don’t know, a website that allows one to make word clouds of websites or chunks of text, based on the most commonly used words. In lieu of my usual style of blog post, I decided to post a Wordle word cloud created from about a dozen of my favorite blog posts. 

I enjoy Wordle thoroughly. There are issues of, course — even though it tries to sort out the common words (a, the, as, etc.), it leaves in a number of less than interesting words, like “though.” It also differentiates between words that are capitalized and words that are not (“Trans” vs. “trans,” for example), and it separates compound words like “Bryn Mawr,” “Genderqueer Chicago,” and “Transformative Justice Law Project.”

TJLP, Chicago, people, gender, life, trans  . . . my word cloud sums up a number of my posts fairly accurately. I originally tried to simply use my entire blog, but it appears that Wordle only used the words on the first page (not all of the words in the blog), as “Easter” was one of the most used words, and I believe I’ve only posted about Easter on Easter Sunday. The other most used words? Continue, gay, reading, family, and homosexual. That’s how I knew it couldn’t have been using all of my blog posts: there’s no way I’ve used the word “homosexual” more than “queer.”

Still, I really like the idea behind Wordle. I like that it gives me a different way of approaching things (without lengthy sentences) while still using words, which are basically how I deal with everything. I’m considering attempting to add a bit of variety to my blog — incorporating photos more often, perhaps, or artwork . . . something to branch away from the essays and written paragraphs that comprise my blogging comfort zone.

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