Exploring Astrology

While I was in Chicago, I started getting interested in astrology: for the first time, I had friends who really believed in astrological signs. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the feeling that the signs really mean something about people. The only problem was that I didn’t know anything about what the signs meant. I picked up little things here and there — mostly that Pisces are generally very caretaker-y — and my friend gave me a chart of the planetary alignments from when I was born. I’ve always known that I’m a Pisces, although I didn’t know what it meant, but now I know that I have a Pisces moon and a Taurus rising.

When I was at the library this week, I picked up a book on astrology (Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need), although I was a little wary because I don’t know how well it’ll mesh with what my friends think about astrology, and I’m more inclined to go with what they say than any random book. I ended up exploring the book today with my mom and a friend, and it was kind of ridiculous to see how accurate it was. 

I especially like how varied and nuanced astrology can be. When I was younger, it never made sense to me because I only knew about the sun signs, and I just didn’t believe that everyone fit into one of twelve personality types, basically, depending on when they were born. Now, however, I realize how much complicates the process (sun signs, moons, rising signs, cusps and something called decanates, and so much more), which explains why people with the same sun sign may be very different.

I’m still not completely certain that I believe in astrology always, as much as I’m willing to believe what my friends say about astrology. But for certain people, and in certain situations, it certainly seems to be real, and that’s good enough for me. I can definitely see myself in my astrological chart, and I feel like it’s helpful in knowing myself and being aware of how I’m likely to act in, and react to, the world.

One response to “Exploring Astrology

  1. That seems to be a common reaction to people who study it to disprove. I have heard that story a few times. Myrna Lofthus’ Spiritual Approach to Astrology is quit good if you have your Astrology chart and you know the aspects.

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