Daily Archives: 9:17 PM, May 2, 2011

From Exploring Trans to Beyond Bryn Mawr: Blogging Changes Within the Past Year

A little over a year ago, I started a blog dealing specifically with my personal trans journey that I titled “Exploring Trans.” I wasn’t yet publicly out as trans, so I kept it mostly private and unconnected to the rest of my life. It allowed me to express my frustrations and confusion without needing to burden or educate any specific person. The anonymity of it allowed me to be more honest, more uncensored, than I would generally be — I was basically writing to strangers, not to people who know me, people with whom I interact. However, since coming out and finding trans / genderqueer / gender-knowledgeable community of my own, I’ve essentially abandoned my old trans blog in favor of posting here. Now, my old blog posts function more as a way to remind me where I’ve been, mentally, over the past year of my gender journey. Continue reading