Darren Criss and Somewhere Only We Know

I am completely captivated by the Darren Criss/Glee version of “Somewhere Only We Know.” It’s gorgeous. Of course, I also adore Darren Criss (and I love Blaine’s performance skills, even though the character sometimes makes me want to facepalm when he’s not singing). 

For some inexplicable reason, the song makes me think of young children, best friends, who used to play together in the woods — they found their own little hideaway, secret from the world. And then they grew older, and perhaps they grew apart. And now life is unhappy, and they’re tired and just want to escape the world and go back to that simpler time — to that little nook in the woods, that place all their own that only they knew.

Admittedly, it’s not at all what the video is about (Blaine and the Warblers serenading Kurt in the middle of McKinley is adorable, by the way, and the way Blaine is about two seconds away from crying at the end just tugs at my heartstrings). But listening to the song by itself evokes this longing for something I can’t quite name. Escaping somewhere with someone I trust, someone with whom I have shared history, to a place that is special and belongs only to the two of us.

Whatever the reason, “Somewhere Only We Know” has been on repeat for the past couple of days. Listen to “Somewhere Only We Know”:  it’s beautiful. Darren Criss sounds incredible, and the emotion behind it is just amazing.

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