The Thoughts That Got Away

Describe the one who got away.

Every night, as I attempt to fall asleep, my mind just doesn’t want to shut down. Ideas fly through my head — emails I need to send to friends, blog post ideas, conversations to have, thoughts about what I’m doing tomorrow or what I want to do with my life — it’s as though turning the lights off makes my brain go double-time.

As I wait to drift off into sleep, I’ll even begin to craft blog posts in my head. Some of them, I’d like to think, are actually quite good. I always think, “Oh, I’ll totally remember this tomorrow morning — it’s such an obvious idea.” And then I never remember. The blog posts just get away.

I realize that the idea behind this prompt was the one who got away, but that’s not really applicable. I feel as though something (or someone) needs to first belong to you in order to “get away” instead of just going away or being away the entire time. And to apply that to a person in my life just doesn’t make sense. My thoughts, on the other hand, belong to me.

It’s odd how turning off the lights and attempting to sleep causes me to think so much. I could be so productive if I were to get up and attend to my thoughts (instead of falling asleep). I think there’s something about the lack of focus that makes my mind so busy. When I’m up, there’s always music, or people, or something to read. I get distracted. There’s always something else to do — something other than blog, or write emails to friends, or make goals and plans and dreams for the future. And when I’m about to fall asleep, it’s just me. No music, no people, no internet. I could almost call it peaceful except that I can’t still my thoughts.

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