Glee Live Was So Amazing!

Glee in Minneapolis

The Glee Live Tour came to the Target Center in Minneapolis tonight, and I got to see it! It was incredible. Despite my problems with Glee as a show, I really do adore the cast and music of Glee. The cast of Glee is so talented (and Darren Criss joined them for the tour!), and the show exceeded my already high expectations.

Despite only buying my ticket last week (I found out Darren Criss was going to be on the tour, discovered there were still fairly reasonably priced tickets, and couldn’t resist), I had an amazing seat. That photo up above, there? That’s one of my photos. All of the photos I’m going to use in reference to the Glee Live Tour in Minneapolis are my own photos (and I used my trusty point-and-shoot, not a fancy SLR).

My Seat! The fifth row, the second seat in. Section FLR 2, Row 11, Seat 15.

It was just a fantastic show. They all sounded incredible, and the energy was so high. Everyone was having an amazing time. The little pretend-Glee bits were cute, too. I am so glad that I went.

4 responses to “Glee Live Was So Amazing!

  1. I am glad it was a great show!

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