New Goal This Summer: Get In Shape

I realized this morning that I am really out of shape. I took this yoga-y “fitness fusion” class this morning, and oh my Athena, I had no idea that the downward dog position was so difficult! And it just got more difficult from there. I kept getting all wibbly-wobbly (and not in an interesting, timey-wimey sort of way). And my arms and shoulders are now really sore. So, my newest goal (actually, a lapsed resolution from New Year’s) is to work on getting in shape.

I don’t mean this in a fatphobic sort of way (and I really hope I’m not veering into that kind of territory). But exercise is healthy in moderation (and I’m not the type to overdo it on exercising), and I could totally use more muscles (or rather, stronger muscles? I don’t think they actually multiply, right?). Plus, the doctor I met with last Tuesday recommended that I work on my pectoral muscles. So, it looks like exercising is the order of the day.

At least for the next month or so, I’ll have the fitness fusion class once a week and another weekly strength training-type session focusing on my pectoral muscles. I’m also planning to add some cardio back into my routine (I’m partial to the elliptical) — during several previous summers, I’ve managed to work out for a few hours a week, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make that happen.

I’m also (mostly) determined to begin eating in a healthier manner. Honestly, I’m not trying to start dieting, but I’ve been over-indulging the past few months, and I’m trying to stop that. It’s just that I really like yummy food, and I have a hard time saying refusing pie, or truffle fries, or cookies, or chips and dip, or steak . . . most good foods, actually.

I also have a strong tendency to let my emotions influence what I eat. I celebrate things going well with food. I also turn to food for comfort in a big way. Stressing about leaving Chicago? Fries, cheesy potatoes, chocolate. Residual freaked-out-ness from the prison visit? Gelato. Missing Chicago? All kinds of delicious and generally highly caloric foods. Far more often than I should have, for the past month and a half.

It’s really not that I’m planning on counting calories or anything like that — I don’t exactly believe in that. I’m just trying to work on three main things, food-wise: 1) Not eating because I’m feeling emotional, be it happy, sad, or otherwise; 2) Not letting “it tastes good” be the deciding factor in what I eat; 3) Eating more fruits and veggies, mostly because they’re supposed to be good for me, and they’re tasty.

I just feel like I’ve been really lax about my health lately (by which I actually mean, most of my life). I know I should be better about that — I’ve been meaning to be healthier for years, and it never really sticks.

And since I started T yesterday, I’m thinking that now is the perfect time to once again try to incorporate healthier habits into my life. It feels like a fresh start. And since my body is slowly going to be shifting into what I want it to be, I should start taking better care of it. I should take taking better care of myself.

2 responses to “New Goal This Summer: Get In Shape

  1. I love yoga. I started doing it in February, and I have noticed a big change in my shoulder/arm muscles and my flexibility. I also like the meditative aspect of it – keeps me sane during law school application stress. I find it to be a good balance with regular cardio/weight stuff.

    As for food, I think it’s paying attention to what your body really wants. There is no doubt I still eat chocolate and dessert and bad for me foods, but at the same time, I also eat a lot of fruits and veggies and eat pretty healthily most of the time. I think it’s a matter of finding something healthy you can sustain in the long run, and in this case what you put in is definitely what you get out.

    Basically the message for both is listen to your body. Last night I ate salad for dinner, which was delicious. Tonight I had sweetbreads with risotto, mussels and frites, and gelato, and it was awesome. You should enjoy what you do and what you eat. Enough sleep will definitely help you make the right decisions. Good luck!

    • Hmm, I feel like yoga is more my kind of thing than . . . I don’t know, kick-boxing or something. I’m debating whether I actually like it (or sort-of-yoga).

      Also, yes. I’m definitely not going to cut anything out of what I eat, just try to not to eat some of it so regularly. Also, while salad can be very good, what you had tonight sounds fantastic. I’m a little jealous. And I should probably sleep now. Actually, I was going to type “more,” so perhaps that’s a sign?

      Thanks for the thoughts! ❤

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