No Surgery Required To Change Trans Folks’ Birth Certificates (aka Why Vermont Is Awesome)

This is so exciting! I mean, I don’t have a Vermont birth certificate, so it doesn’t actually affect me directly, but wow, Vermont seems pretty awesome right now. A doctor’s note is now all that’s required for trans people to change gender on their birth certificates — and not just change it, but actually get new birth certificates (so that it doesn’t out them). That’s huge.

I still think there are some issues with the doctor being required at all (I’m in favor of gender self-determination, not gender doctor-determination), but it’s still a major step in a better direction. I’m also really surprised that this has passed. I’m actually a little worried about bringing attention to it — if they realize what has happened, are certain people going to freak out and try to fight it? But I couldn’t not post about this (even though I’m a little late to the game — the article to which I linked is from almost a week ago).

The article also mentions that a new Vermont law “mandates that all single-stall bathrooms in state buildings be gender neutral,” which I think is both fantastic and sort of a no-brainer. Seriously, I just don’t see why any single-stall restrooms are gendered. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited for transfolk in Vermont (and those elsewhere with Vermont birth certificates). Now, rest of the U.S., how about following suit?

2 responses to “No Surgery Required To Change Trans Folks’ Birth Certificates (aka Why Vermont Is Awesome)

  1. This is indeed awesome. Hopefully other states will reform soon as well.

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