Google Guitar Is Awesome

Yesterday and today, in honor of Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google’s home page had a guitar. Vaguely in the shape of “Google.” It was so cool. You could click the notes; you could type in letters and make music; you could set numbers to melodies. I was so amused by it. Incidentally, my cell phone number is a pretty little tune. 

I discovered it through The Rachel Maddow Show’s blog — she did a segment deciding which political candidates’ names were the most melodious (Barack won). I then went to the Google Doodle itself and had a great time typing in my name and the names of friends. Just as a side note, Chicago sounded pretty cool, and The Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois is practically its own song.

I had a lot of fun with this, and I wish that the Google home page always had an interactive guitar. Failing that, I wish it were an app (of course, there’s probably a similar app out there, now that I think of it). It was just a lot of fun. Fun to make little melodies (or rather impressive ones, if you happen to be talented, like PCMag’s Creative Director Chris Phillips, who put together “Here Comes the Sun“) and fun to see what various words and numeric combinations might sound like when put to melodies.

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