Just For Fun: Doctor Who Comics

As you probably know, I love Doctor Who. And if you do any kind of Google search, you will soon see that I am not the only one. The following are some of my favorite Doctor Who-related comics and other humorous things.

From Comixed

There is also a fabulous comic/photo story  created using captions and screen shots from various episodes (well, and photos of Matt Smith) — it shows the Ninth and Tenth Doctors plotting about how to deal with the Eleventh Doctor, and it is hilarious. Ten’s face-palm at the end may be my favorite part.

Also, strictly speaking, this is Torchwood, not Doctor Who, but Texts From The Hub is pretty great. Most of it is a little more inappropriate than I’m willing to cover on my blog, but it’s often funny — especially if you know anything about Captain Jack Harkness. My favorite is one between Jack and River Song.

And lastly, I found a fan-made video on YouTube titled “Tenth Doctor: The Musical.” It’s amazing. It’s based on the idea that “when the Doc regenerates, his older self isn’t gone, he just stays home and watches his current self on the TV” (to quote the creator of the video) — in this case, it’s basically the Ninth Doctor watching the Tenth Doctor, and the music choices are perfect. Seriously. Go check it out.

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