A Collection of Thoughts Regarding the 65th Annual Tony Awards

In a lot of ways, to me, the Tonys seem cooler than the Oscars (and certainly more so than the Emmys). When I was younger, my theatre friends and I even had parties in order to watch the Tonys together. The Oscars have the best dresses, but people perform parts of musicals at the Tonys! So cool. Plus, it’s Broadway. I mean, really, need anything more be said? 

First thought: I love Neil Patrick Harris. So much. Also, he is so attractive. And I love when he sings.

Also, I had no idea that Daniel Radcliffe was so talented. I knew, of course, that he was Harry Potter (in the movies, anyway — as far as I’m concerned, Darren Criss is really Harry Potter), and I had heard about him being in Equus (mainly that he was nude at one point during the show, and some people were scandalized), but I didn’t realize that he could actually sing and dance. How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying shows that he can, in fact, both sing and dance.

The Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical went to The Book of Mormon. The acceptance speech was so cute! ‎”I’d like to thank everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Love it. (I believe that was Casey Nicholaw.) Also, I really want to show up at the Tonys in a suit with a sparkly black sequined shirt, just like Trey Parker. I think that would be fabulous, and I wish it could happen.

I love Broadway. I especially love Broadway musicals. I love musicals so much. It makes me miss theatre. And a part of me still wishes that I could one day win a Tony Award (even though I have no plans to pursue theatre professionally in any capacity). Failing that, I wish I could go to the Tonys one day. No matter what’s going on in my life, every time I watch the Tonys, part of me wishes that I could be there and be a part of it all.

Nikki M. James, from The Book of Mormon, won Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical, and she was adorable. Kind of a mess, but so genuine and sweet. She really appeared utterly shocked to have actually won the Tony.

“I Believe” — The Book of Mormon. Oddly touching and funny in a “What?!” sort of way. “I am a Mormon, and a Mormon just believes.” I think there was a line of the song that went, “God’s plan involves me getting my own planet.” It’s possible that I would be offended, were I a Mormon, but I’m clearly not. The actor is very talented. The little step-touch dance at the end is hilarious and adorable. I just got the The Book of Mormon soundtrack, and I need to listen to it.

“Any show you can host, I can host better.” Hugh Jackman and NPH were definitely cute together. I liked Hugh Jackman a surprising amount, but I’m partial to NPH. I liked the musical allusions to “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and “You’re the Top.” NPH’s turn around in attitude regarding Jackman’s ability to get better gift bags made me smile (“Nice!”). And I loved “Now I know why you’re all six-packy,” regarding how much of a workout all of the singing and dancing is.

The bit with Bono about Spiderman made me confused. I am clearly out of the loop. I have no clue what’s going on with Broadway nowadays. I’m not really a big fan of Spiderman in general (were there two movies? three?), but from what I saw, the musical looks kind of interesting. I’m not sure how memorable it is, personally, though. I don’t remember the song they sang. It looks more suited to TV than the stage, perhaps.

Watching the Sister Act song kind of makes me want to watch the movie again. I really loved the music in the two Sister Act movies; we sang one of the songs in middle school choir. I don’t get why Marg Helgenberger presented at the Tonys (does she have a Broadway connection?), but she looked pretty. Whoah, the fake horse thing was awesome.

I liked the story about Memphis. I really should buy that soundtrack — I remember thinking that last year, too. Oh! Did they bring the kids back? That’s so cute! Also, really exciting for them, dancing around at the Tonys.

Samuel L. Jackson. White suit? Brave choice, purple light saber guy. Ooh, Joel Grey. Is it just me, or was “Anything Goes” really fast? Also, it made me wish I could tap dance. Wow, James Earl Jones. That’s got to be him (sounds like Mufasa!). The voice is incredible. The video montage confused me. Ben Stiller’s on Broadway? I am clearly behind.

Company is going be a movie? Did I misunderstand that? NPH!! Stephen Colbert. That guy from Two and a Half Men (not my kind of show, but my dad watches it)? That seems like a number of TV people (I think I saw Christina Hendricks). Upon further searching, I have discovered that it is not going to be made into a movie (unfortunately), but it will be in select movies theatres? Possibly just the music? I need to figure this out. I have got to do better about keeping up with things.

Ha, I forgot that Daniel Radcliffe is British and thus, obviously, has a British accent (it wasn’t there when he was singing). Frances McDormand was wearing a denim jacket? Interesting fashion choice. She was very composed, until the “I love my job!” which was nice.

Sutton Foster won a Tony for her role in Anything Goes — I saw her! In The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway, during my freshman year in college. She was wonderful, which made me so pleased that she won this. She was a bit of a teary mess about her dresser leaving her to pursue his art, but she was also very sweet.

I’m not certain why they showed part of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, given that it wasn’t nominated for Best Musical (or Best Revival? Is it new?), but I’m glad it was there. The all red costume — love it. And the pink, green, blue costumes with some kind of faux-animal appearance were great. Wow, costumes. Fabulous costumes. And that voice! “It’s Raining Men” was fantastic.

NPH closed with the Tonys with a rap (spoken word piece?). It was highly impressive. While I imagine he thought up much of it prior to tonight, he couldn’t possibly have written the whole thing beforehand. The “bumblebee” thing and the comment about Brooke Shields’ potty mouth — it must have been at least partly improvised (well, written during the show). “Hugh Jackman, take that.” Indeed. Fabulous job, NPH.

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