Doctor Who: The 11th Hour


Almost the first thing the Eleventh Doctor did was walk into a tree. Fabulous. Also, nice to see that the TARDIS is much bigger on the inside (and the pool is inside the library?). The food scene is excellent. And the scene — and the music! — when Amelia is packing is so sweet and so sad; my heart just aches for the little girl because I know that the Doctor isn’t coming.

I loved the Doctor trying to talk his way out of things. The Doctor talking to his sonic (“What’s the bad alien done to you?”). The Doctor licking his finger after swiping it on the shed to see how old it is. Oh, Doctor.

“12 years and four psychiatrists. I kept biting them. They said you weren’t real.” Basically the first thing Amy does in the show as an adult is hit the Doctor over the head with a cricket bat. She lies to him, argues with him — from the beginning (being a little girl telling him that he said he liked apples), she holds her own with the Doctor. She locks him into a car by his tie because she doesn’t believe him; he tries to give the “we need to save the world” speech, and she just tells him to speak quickly. The Doctor pleading with Amy for her to believe him for just twenty minutes.

“I’m the Doctor. I’m worse than everybody’s aunt. . . . And that’s not how I’m introducing myself.”

The Doctor trying to be so clever with his sonic screwdriver . . . and then it goes out just as the spaceship is about to notice it. Oh, Doctor. Way to fail.

One thing that bothers me — Eleven’s clothes look a little too big on him, which is weird. It made sense on Ten (because I think Tennant is a little shorter and slighter than Eccleston), but for Eleven, not so much (since I think Smith’s taller than Tennant, why would Tennant’s clothes be loose on Smith?).

The Doctor just bossing people around, repeating things — and Rory’s just stuck on the fact that the Doctor’s here and not just a game they played as kids. The Doctor thinks he’s so clever, speaking to all of the world leaders. His little “you have to be magnificent” pep talk to Jeff — “this is when you fly. Today’s the day you save the world” — excellent.

“If I am to die, let there be fire.” Prisoner Zero is really rather scary. “The crack’s in the skin of the universe. Don’t you know where they came from? You don’t, do you. The Doctor and the TARDIS doesn’t know. Doesn’t know, doesn’t know. The Universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.” Creepy. It was creepy when I first saw the episode and started writing this, and it’s still creepy now that I’ve seen the first half of the sixth season.

“All over the world, quantum fast, the word is out, and do you know what the word is? The word is zero.” The Doctor reset all of the clocks. He is so clever, and oh, does he know it. He is so full of himself. “And the score is: no TARDIS, no screwdriver, two minutes to spare, who da man? . . . . I’m never saying that again.”

And the bit where Prisoner Zero takes the form of Amelia and the Doctor is excellent. And then, after the Doctor manages to get the Atraxi to take Prisoner Zero away, and Amy and Rory think he’s saved the world, the Doctor calls the Atraxi back. “Oi, I didn’t say you could go! Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation — This is a fully established, level-five planet, and you could’ve burned it. Did you think no one was watching? Back here, now. . . Okay, now I’ve done it.” Rory’s “Did he just save the world from aliens and then bring them back?” I enjoyed the Doctor’s determined walk through the locker room to find a “decent shirt.” — “To hell with the raggedy. Time to put on a show.” And Rory’s still having problems processing the whole thing: “You just summoned the aliens back to Earth. Deadly aliens. Aliens . . . of . . . death. Now you’re taking your clothes off.”

“Leaving is good. Never coming back is better. C’mon then. The Doctor will see you now.” The Doctor responding to the Atraxi’s “You are not of this world” with “No, but I’ve put a lot of work into it.” And he just debates which tie to wear as he scolds the Atraxi. Last question — “Is this world protected?” and the montage of the aliens who have tried to take over the world, and the the images of the Doctor in response to what happened to those aliens. “Hello, I’m the Doctor. Basically, run.” And the Atraxi do. So epic.

I love the little look into the Doctor’s relationship with the TARDIS: “Okay, what’ve you got for me this time?” The look of wonder — “Look at you. [grin] Oh, you sexy thing. Look at you!”

The look on Amy’s face, desolate, as she watches the TARDIS leave without her, once again. Just heartbreaking.

“Sorry about running off earlier. Brand new TARDIS, bit exciting. Just a quick hop to the moon and back to break her in. She’s ready for the big stuff now.” The thrill the Doctor gets from the TARDIS is so cute. “You kept the clothes.” “What, I just saved the world — the whole planet, for about the millionth time, no charge. Yeah, I kept the clothes, shoot me.” Bow ties are cool. “Other planets, wanna check some out?” “I mean, well, I mean, come with me.”

“Fourteen years since fish custard. Amy Pond, the girl who waited. You’ve waited long enough.” The pool in the library — “not sure where it’s got to now; it’ll turn up. So, coming?” Amy saying, “I grew up,” and the Doctor responding, “don’t worry, I’ll soon fix that.” And then he snaps, and the TARDIS door opens. Show off. And that smirk, so delighted with himself. So endearing, really. “Well? Anything you want to say? Any passing remarks? I’ve heard them all.” I love that Amy’s response is “I’m in my nightie” — not “It’s bigger on the inside.”

“So, all of time and space, everything that’s ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start?” He knows she’s coming based on her accent (Scottish girl in the English village). That music as she looks about the TARDIS is so great. “I am definitely a mad man with a box” — and that music! And the beginning of the season teaser bit is fantastic. All in all, a fantastic start to the fifth season and introduction to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

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