Two Weeks On T!

For the first month I’m on T, I’m supposed to get my shot every two weeks, and this past fortnight since my first shot has gone by so slowly. Of course, by the weekend after my first shot of T, I was already getting impatient for my next one. I was so tempted to get my second shot last week — I am really not good with this patience thing — but I managed to restrain myself. I got my script from a doctor, after all; I might as well listen to her directions (especially since I’m sure there’s a good reason for it).

But now it’s been two weeks, and I just got my second shot! I’m not sure if there have been any changes yet — I assume that it’s been too soon for anything to have really happened, but there are things that I might attribute to T anyway.

It’s weird — everything I’ve read says that my voice won’t drop for several months, but it feels a little different. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve been tired, or I’ve overworked my voice (I’ve driven into Minneapolis or Saint Paul nearly every day in the past two weeks, and I spend pretty much that whole time belting along to whatever songs are on my iPod), but ever since that first Sunday, my voice feels slightly different — just a titch lower, like when I’ve first woken up, only it’s pretty much all the time.

My lower singing range seems ever so slightly easier to reach (“Raise Your Glass,” “Seasons of Love,” “Hallelujah”), and while my higher range is still perfectly accessible, it feels like it does when I’ve almost lost my voice and can barely talk, but I can still sing — like I’m somehow singing through or above. And it feels a lot easier to pitch my voice a little lower when I’m talking (not low, by any means, but lower in a more even way, not always so high like it gets when I get nervous). This might all be in my head, but I don’t really care.

Once I get my next shot, I’ll start with weekly injections. I’m mostly really excited (even though that next shot seems ages away), although part of me is apprenhensive about the idea of injecting myself every week for the rest of my life. But I try not to think about it that way, especially since it doesn’t feel like I really have much of an option.

Anyway, I am so excited about being on T, and I’m absolutely looking forward to being able to see and hear the changes that are coming.

3 responses to “Two Weeks On T!

  1. So happy for you Ryan!!! Miss you!


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