Fed Up With Swimsuit Season

My friend recently wrote a blog post about swimsuits. While I am not a femmebutchdyke queer like her, it started me thinking about swimsuits. Namely, that I am not a fan of wearing them. And this whole trans thing makes summer/beach season an issue. I like beaches and sun and sand. The problem is, it doesn’t like me. 

It’s summer now. And that makes part of me want to go to the beach (not so practical, given that I’m in the center of the country), or go to a water park, or run through the sprinklers, or something. But what am I supposed to wear? A bikini? I don’t think so. I can’t go swimming in jeans and a polo (which comprises about 80% of my wardrobe). And anyway, a binder’s triple layer of nylon/spandex is pretty much the last thing I want to be wearing in the water and sun (well, maybe second to that bikini).

Last summer, I got by at Disney World with board shorts and a bikini top under a tank. I didn’t really have other options; I couldn’t just sit out Typhoon Lagoon. It worked. Or at least, it worked well enough, anyway. This year . . . I think my current plan is just to avoid anything that might potentially involve swimwear, getting in the water, and/or staying out in the hot sun for an extended period of time .

Next year, though — next year will be better. Next year will be terrific. Next year, I will have been on T for about a year. Even better, if my plans go through (and I’m desperately hoping it will all work out), I’ll have top surgery sometime around the New Year.

And then, after surgery, it will all be better. The sun will no longer be my enemy (except in the sense of skin cancer). The heat will be so much easier to stand. I’ll be able to go to water parks and the beach again. I am looking forward to that more than I can say. I keep seeing Groupon deals for water parks and getting really excited about going . . . and then thinking, “What the heck would I wear?” and realizing that water parks aren’t going to happen currently.

I suppose that if I really tried, I could cobble something together. Underworks has some kind of swimwear tank, but I just can’t quite wrap my head around that working really well. Plus, it’s fifty dollars, and that’s rather a lot of money to spend on something that may not even work, that I might not actually use, and that I hopefully won’t need six months from now.

Anyway, I rarely spend time at a beach, pool, or water park, so avoiding them shouldn’t actually be too terribly difficult. My level of discomfort with spending a prolonged amount of time in direct sunlight on a hot day is a little more unfortunate. Still, it will hopefully all be over soon enough, and until then, I’ll get by. I always do.

8 responses to “Fed Up With Swimsuit Season

  1. Swimwear is super awkward. I spent a week recently at the beach with 50 of my closest friends, where every day involved a dip in the pool, and it was really kind of weird. This is the first year where I needed a top; I found a halter that would work, even if its padding contributed more to my cup size than I did. Worse was the bottom; I didn’t want to tuck (and anyway, dysphoria), and I didn’t want to bulge, so board shorts turned out to be the only option.

    Good luck dealing with this year, and preparing for next! Those scars are fairly distinctive, but the only people who would recognize will also be supportive.

  2. What about swim shirts/surf shirts? Those might work, and with board shorts it’d look awesome!

    • Hmm. I haven’t done a whole lot of research into that, but I feel like I’d probably need to wear a binder underneath one, and so there’s still the heat/water issue. But maybe not. And regardless, I appreciate the thought! Hugs!

  3. what about sport tanks for now? If you go to target, you can get one for like $20 or under. A lot of them have built in support without looking too femme. If all else fails, a sports bra under a black beater could be virtually invisible. Then slip on some board shorts and you’re good to go!

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