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I Miss Hope’s Cookies

Hope's Royale from Hope's Cookies

One of my favorite things in all of Bryn Mawr is the Hope’s Royale cookie at Hope’s Cookies. It has macadamia nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips — and it is wonderful. Hope’s Cookies was actually founded by a Bryn Mawr alum, Hope Spivak of the class of 1983, which makes going to Hope’s Cookies a little extra special. Continue reading


Not Your Usual Trans Childhood Narrative


When I was little, my grandmother made me a pink princess costume for Halloween: a little petal pink shift, a darker pink cape that tied with a white grosgrain ribbon and was trimmed with sequins, and a pale pink satin tiara, also trimmed with sequins. I loved it. After Halloween, that costume ended up in my dress up box (a purple box with white hearts), and I played with it all the time. Continue reading

“Rolling In The Deep” — Adele, Sam Tsui, Lea Michele, and Jonathan Groff

I keep getting Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” stuck in my head. It’s catchy but powerful, and it’s unique. It has also inspired a number of covers that I think are really impressive, particularly Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff on Glee and Sam with Tyler Ward on KurtHugoSchneider’s YouTube channel.¬† Continue reading

Social Anxiety and Being Genderfunny

Whether you’re meeting a group of people for the first time, spending time with relatives, or hanging out with friends you’ve known for years, being a genderfunny person can create some social obstacles. In what kinds of spaces do you deal with social anxiety?

Genderqueer Chicago always has fantastic topics. I’m always impressed by how creative and yet relevant they are — especially since I’ve facilitated discussion groups before, and I know how it difficult it can be to think of a decent topic of conversation. Being “genderfunny,” as GqC calls it, can make things difficult, particularly when I’m not in the company of other genderfunny people. Continue reading

Losing Sleep Over Dreams

In the past ten or so years, I’ve only had a handful of nightmares — really closer to three or four — so bad that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, go back to sleep after them. One of them was last night. My friend was dying, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Nothing. One second, I was with him in the nightmare, and the next, I was awake and completely disoriented, my mind still partially entangled in the nightmare, scrambling for my phone to send him a message and chanting “please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die.”¬† Continue reading

Stanford Fleet Street Singers’ “Prayer To The God Of Partial Credit”

A lot has happened today; hopefully, I’ll post about that tomorrow. Until then, I have one of the first videos I ever took with my very first digital camera, way back in 2007. My camera’s quality wasn’t very good; my hands weren’t very steady; I hadn’t quite figured out how to take the perfect a cappella video (I had it basically perfected by my senior year, though). However, the Stanford Fleet Street Singers are amazing (well worth watching an imperfect video), and “Prayer To The God Of Partial Credit” has been one of my favorite a cappella songs since I first saw it performed at Bryn Mawr, in March of 2007. Continue reading

Life Is Like A Roller Coaster. And I Don’t Like Roller Coasters.

The past two weeks have been so stressful. Ups and downs, and so much stress, and anxiously awaiting a decision that was supposed to be made last Wednesday and about which I still haven’t heard. Two weeks ago, I was an emotional mess at a friend, and then things got better with his response because he’s magical like that. Then I made plans, and then those plans got discarded, and then I made more plans, and then those, too, fell through. And each time my plans don’t work out, it’s a little harder. Continue reading